Customer: Sun Group
Year: 2019
Position: Lao Cai - Viet Nam
Value: Contact

Transformer Station in Sapa

Naraco provided engineering design and manufacturing for this project completed in 2019

Product 's Name: Stand - type Transformer Substation

Type: Outside

State: New 100%

Manufacturer: Naraco

Rated current: 1000A

Rated voltage: 0,4kV 

The Transformer Substation in Sapa, Lao Cai provided by Naraco includes 630kVA transformer, Ring Main Unit 24kV Cabinet, Steel Pillar, low voltage 1000A cabinet, and other low & medium voltage details for connection inside the station.

All parts, details of the products are manufactured with highest quality input materials. They also are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 standard, and powder coated according to ANSI 70 standard.

After production, all these parts and details are tested in general inspection, testsing mechanical and testsing electrical. The final products are only out of factory If they pass all the tests.

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