Disconector Switch & Fuse Cut Out

Naraco Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of DS, LBS, FCO, LBFCO up to 35kV.

Naraco has many years of experience in the field of production of Medium voltage Disconnector Switch and Fuse Cut Out ut up to 35kV, include Disconnector Switch (DS), Load Break Switch (LBS), Fuse Cut Out (FCO), Load Break Fuse Cut Out (LBFCO). 

Disconnector Switch and Fuse Cut Out manufacturered by Naraco have been used widely and certified for quality in the market.

They have some following outstanding features:

- Technical specifications meet the standards for lightning arrester of Vietnam Electricity Corporation. 

- There are all kinds of documents: Test, cerfiticates, drawings, catalogues,...

- Especially we also supply Load Break Switch (LBS) with Epoxyl porcelain imported from Austria, which is very light-weight and long-lasting.

We have continually invested in high-tech production lines such as Laser cutting systems to manufacture important parts and details of products. Therefore, Naraco's medium voltage Disconnector Switch - Fuse products are always different from other products on the market in terms of quality and identification. 

At present, Naraco Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of these products:

Disconnector Switch (DS) 24kV, 35kV with Polymer and Porcelain insulation. Especially we also supply 12kV type for Laos and Myanmar markets.

- Load Break Switch (LBS) 24kV, 35kV with Polymer and Porcelain insulation. Especially we also supply LBS with Epoxul porcelain imported from Austria.

Fuse Cut Out (FCO) 15kV, 24kV, 35kV with Polymer and Porcelain insulation.

- Load Break Fuse Cut Out (LBFCO) 24kV, 35kV with Polymer insulation.

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Naraco Company Limited

Phone: (+84) 904 866 966 

Email: nam@naraco.vn

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