Good Quality
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We use the best items to make the best Products & Solutions.

Naraco synchronously applies the management system according to ISO 9001-2015 standards to help mobilize the contribution, creativity of all members of the Company. All departments from materials, production, assembly, testing, packaging, delivery, and aftersales operate according to separate and rigorous processes. Input materials for production must be checked, tested according to the supplier's true specifications. Products must ensure specified standards to be transferred to the next stage in the production process. In finished products stage, products that do not meet the testing standards will be determined to be retained, retest and find the technical causes. All results are measurable to easily control, classify, evaluate to find the cause and the radical solution. With the motto "Product quality is the survival of the company", Naraco commits to continue applying strictly and seriously the ISO 9001 quality management system to bring customers high quality products.

The factory applys the 5S Model: Sort – Set in order – Shine – Standardize – Sustain. Naraco aims to apply these criteria seriously in every place and working angle at the Company.