Khách hàng : Truong Hai KIA - THACO
Năm : 2019
Địa chỉ : Quang Nam - Viet Nam
Giá trị : Contact

Truong Hai KIA - THACO

Naraco signed a contract to supply toolboxes for Thaco's factory in 2019.

After a few years of production and development, Naraco's brand of toolbox Namrack has become one of the most popular brands in Vietnam.

Namrack toolbox is famous for its good quality, durable, diverse designs and reasonable price. Therefore, from the main market in the North, Namrack has expanded its customer market throughout the territory of Vietnam. Currently, besides office, showroom and factory in Hanoi, Naraco also has distributors in Ha Tinh City and Ho Chi Minh City.

Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company - Quang Nam branch also known as Thaco Quang Nam trusted Naraco to be their tool cabinets supplier for their factories. 

The contract for the project is signed by the two parties at the end of 2019. Until now, Truong Hai KIA - THACO is still a loyal customer of Naraco in toolbox products.
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