Power & Energy

We manufact & provide solution of Electrical for MV & LV upto 35kV for Electrical System of Vietnam and Power for Factory, Building


- Horizontal Integrated Kiosk, Vertical Integrated Kiosk, One Pole Substation

- Disconnector Switch (DS), Oil Load Break Switch, Fuse Cut Out (FCO), Load Break Fuse Cut Out (LBFCO) 

- Metering Voltage & Current Transformer, Metering Out Fit (MOF)

- Power Transformer for Recloser and LBS

- Surge Aresser for MV and HV System

- Recloser and LBS with Scada System

- MV & LV Electrical Cabinet Enclosure

- Control Table and Scada Control Room


- Standard Steel, Electronic Galvanized Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Aluminium

- Copper

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