Power Transformer

Naraco Co., Ltd. is a reputable power transformer manufacturer in Vietnam.

Naraco has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing electrical equipment for voltages up to 35kV, in which Power Transformer is one of the main products.

Power transformer is usually supplied with Recloser, LBS, used to lower the medium voltage to 220V to match the voltage of the control cabinet Recloser and LBS.

Power transformers manufactured by Naraco have been widely used, certified for quality in the market and have a number of outstanding features such as:

- Provide oil type machines with innovative design, high durability, withstand extreme weather in Vietnam.

- Ceramic insulators withstand sea salt corrosion as well as high pollution resistance.

- Having full documents and certificates on goods: manufacturer ISO, factory test, quatest, drawings, catalog, ...

- Reasonable price, nice design, fast production progress.

Below are our power transformer products for customer reference:

1-phase 2-porcelain outdoor oil type power transformer

You can contact us for more information. 

You can contact us for more information. 

Contact details:

Naraco Company Limited

Phone: (+84) 904 866 966 (Mr. Nam)

Email: nam@naraco.vn

Thank you for your attention!

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