SF6 Load Break Switch

Naraco Co., Ltd. has become the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for SF6 LBS of ENSTO - FRANCE.

ENSTO Novexia is a manufacturer located at 210 rue Leon Jouhaux, 69 400 Villefranche sur Saone, France. They have a wide range of products and solutions for low and medium voltage overhead lines and underground cable networks. Solutions for fully covered conductor systems, network automation and cyber secured networks are examples of their offering.

ENSTO has manufactured and supplied a lot of products and services such as: Low voltage overhead line solutions, Medium voltage overhead line solutions, surge arrester, underground cable netwworks, MV/LV substation equipment...and SF6 LBS is one of their main products.

Auguste switchgear LBS is an overhead load break disconnect switch designed to allow a load interruption up to 630 A for a medium voltage (up to 36 kV) electrical overhead line. This LBS is convenient for all types of networks, especially for those requiringfrequent operations in severe weather conditions. It is easily installed below the line, on the side of the pole, and offered as manual or electrically controlled version. It is also designed to be easily inserted in remote SCADA controlled networks.

The equipment meets many demands:

- Easy to install, Safe to use and Improves network cost-effectiveness by decreasing the sources of output loss

- Operational on all continents and subject to the most severe environmental and climatic conditions (saline humidity, rising sand, ice, snow, high altitude, industrial pollution, areas with high-density bird populations, etc.),

- Designed and manufactured according to an ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system, and complies with the recommendations in the most recent editions of international standards and specifications. 

- SF6 Load-break switches have successfully undergone all type tests specified in the international standards IEC 62271-103, IEC 62271-102 and IEC 62271-200. It's also undergo individual tests (routine test) during manufacturing as specified by the standards in force, namely: Leak-proof tests, Dielectric tests, Voltage drop measurement and Operation tests...

At present, Naraco Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of SF6 insulated overhead load-break switch in Vietnam, under the brand name Ensto Auguste.

You can contact us for more information. 

Contact details:

Naraco Company Limited

Phone: (+84) 904 866 966 

Email: nam@naraco.vn

Thank you for your attention!


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