Ring Main Unit

Naraco pioneered in manufacturing and supplying Medium voltage cabinets up to 38.5kV of Sarel - Italy.

Medium voltage cabinet or Ring Main Unit known as RMU is an electrical cabinet used to switch and protect medium voltage power supply lines. RMU is widely used in power distribution stations (such as high-rise buildings, factories, urban areas, ports, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.). It is also installed in power generation plants, transmission and distribution stations of Vietnam Electricity Corporation...

The main function of the RMU cabinet is to protect the Transformer, they are connected by the output cable compartments. The incoming cable compartments is used isolating circuit breakers and the transformer outgoing is used load break switches (LBS) with protective fuses. There can also use Vacuum Circuit Breaker with a protective relay for the outgoing compartment for more advanced.

At present, Naraco is an authorized genuine distributor of the Sarel - Italy medium voltage cabinet brand in Vietnam, a rare high-end brand manufactured in G7.

Sarel currently produces 2 lines of RMU:
1. The cabinet is not expandable (Compact) with product code RMSYS and voltage from 12 ÷ 24kV

2. The cabinet is expandable (Extensible) with product code SYSTEM6 and voltage from 12 ÷ 36kV

Naraco Company offers many options for customers in Vietnam:

1. For customers who want to use complete imported cabinets of RMSYS and SYSTEM6 line products, if we are not available in stock, please note that the delivery times is from 16-20 weeks depending on the production progress of the factory in Italy.

2. We have another option to manufacture SYSTEM6 line cabinets at Naraco's factory - Vietnam. The all main equipment part such as Vacuum circuit breaker, Load break switch, Load breaker with fuses, Protective relay, Accessories attached to the main equipment... are imported directly from Sarel - Italy. They are usually available in stock of all kinds. The cabinets cover, busbars, TU - TI and other auxiliary materials we manufacture in Vietnam to shorten the delivery time and especially significantly reduce the cost compared to import complete units.

3. The following accessories such as Cable Head, Protective Relay, Measuring Current Transformer, Measuring Voltage Transformer, Connecting Accessories to expand the compartment from the Compact cabinet... we can provide synchronously so customers do not need to search from other suppliers.

Quality certification

All RMSYS and SYSTEM6 line products  have fully the international Type Test of CESI according to the latest IEC standards, and the manufacturer's ISO 9001: 14000 certificate.

You can contact us for more information. 

Contact details:

Naraco Company Limited

Phone: (+84) 904 866 966 (Mr. Nam)

Email: nam@naraco.vn

Thank you for your attention!

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