Switch Board Cabinet

Naraco Co., Ltd is the reputable and long-standing manufacturer of many types of electrical cabinets.

Naraco has many years of experience in the field of production of electrical cabinets such as: Distribution Cabinet, Ring Main Cabinet, Integrated Kiosk, ATS Switch Board, Synchronization Switchboard....

Switch Board or Electrical Cabinet manufacturered by Naraco have been used widely and certified for quality in the market.

They have some following outstanding features:

- Technical specifications meet the standards for lightning arrester of Vietnam Electricity Corporation. 

- There are all kinds of documents: Test, cerfiticates, drawings, catalogues,...

- We also suply a wide range of cabinets into many difference projects with technical standard from simple to complex...

We have continually invested in high-tech production lines to manufacture important parts and details of products. Therefore, Naraco's medium voltage products are always different from other products on the market in terms of quality and identification. 

At present, Naraco Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of these products:

Horizontal Integrated Kiosk

- Vertical Integrated Kiosk

Ring Main Unit

- Capacitor Cabinet

- Low Voltage Distribution Switchboard

- And many types of cabinets according to customer requirements.

You can contact us for more information. 

You can contact us for more information. 

Contact details:

Naraco Company Limited

Phone: (+84) 904 866 966 (Mr. Nam)

Email: nam@naraco.vn

Thank you for your attention!


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