NARACO was established in June 2019, is a strategic member company of Thanh An Electric Co., Ltd who is nearly 30 years of history in the field of manufacturing medium - low voltage electrical equipment up to 35kV.

In 1990, Thanh An Electric Company Limited (hereinafter called Thanh An) started out from an electrical equipment store in the center of Hanoi. Five years later, Thanh An established an individual business and began to participate in the production of medium-voltage "Breakers - Fuses" and "Electrical Panel Cabinets". On January 9th , 2001 Thanh An Electric Co., Ltd. was established. After nearly 30 years of development, Thanh An has been accumulated experience and become the leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of energy, electrical equipment and precision mechanical engineering equipment.

Inheriting experience from previous generations, Naraco Co., Ltd. has a lot of experience in the field of total consulting of electric energy solutions; manufacturing Kiosk Substation, One-column Substation, Medium-Low Voltage Electrical Panels System; Cable ladder of buildings ; types of Medium Voltage Switches – Fuse Cut Out up to 35kV; Telecommunication cabinet system; Tool Cabinets and Factory Tools; precision mechanical processing ... and other equipment branded Naraco with high durability, good quality. Not only that, Naraco also pioneers in researching, developing, manufacturing and bringing to the market high automation products with the desire is to bring a safe grid for the country, factories, residential buildings...and even for the citizens.


Naraco always tries and strives unceasingly with the aspiration to become the leading Company in Vietnam and region in the field of manufacturing and supplying electrical products such as Transformers, Electrical Panels, Medium - Low Voltage Circuit Breakers and materials of electrical equipment, telecommunication equipment, factory equipment. Naraco always focuses on improving production process, enhancing product quality, building the strong brand, and becoming optimal energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products.

We also always hungrily strives for becoming a leading enterprise in the field of providing comprehensive solutions from A - Z in factory construction.

Our services are including:

1. Power & Energy 

2. Server Rack Cabinet

3. Building and Factory M&E System

4. Toolbox & Equipment

5. Precision Mechanical Processing


Providing products branded Naraco of Vietnam with high quality and reasonable prices for domestic and export market, diversifying to satisfy the maximum requirements of each customer, contributing to the overall development of the country and serving the benefit of the community.


1. Recloser

2. SF6 Load Break Switch

3. Disconnector & Fuse Cut Out

4. Lightning Arrester

5. Metering Out Fit (MOF)

6. Power Transformer

7. Switch Board Cabinet

8. Fireproof Door


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